02 October 2015


On 1 October, we had pleasure to have in Elektrociepłownia BĘDZIN Sp. z o.o.  a special show truck by Clyde Bergemann. The visit was part of a promotion action Road Show 2015 organised by Clyde Bergemann Power Group.

The aim of Road Show 2015 is to promote a wide range of products included in the offer of Clyde Bergemann, which is directed mainly to the sector of commercial power generation and house load operation. In the truck, you had a chance to see a water cannon and a new generation soot blower used to clean boilers, pump parts for ash handling and bulk materials, as well as a dummy electrostatic precipitator and a dummy DRYCON conveyor used for dry acceptance and handling of slag from under the boiler. For a few hours of the event there were presentations displayed on the screen that showed Clyde Bergemann technologies, particularly desulphurisation systems (dry scrubbing and dry FGD system). 

The show truck with an area of 60 m2 served the function of a booth that can be found at European fairs. The truck received a great deal of attention from our employees, both from those who work with Clyde Bergemann Polska, and those who are interested in new Clyde Bergemann technologies, especially as some of the presented products will be used in Elektrociepłownia BĘDZIN Sp. z o.o. 

After a dozen days spent in Poland, the Truck will go to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy and will finish the Road Show 2015.