13 November 2015


On 4 November 2015, the Managing Board of Elektrociepłownia BĘDZIN Sp. z o.o. adopted a consolidated text of the Company Remuneration Policy. 
This marked the end of the process of arrangements with personel on the introduction of a modern bonus scheme, a training programme with the consideration of developing skills in employees and optimisation of the employment structure. The prepared competence linking model causes employees' competences to be increased and the change management system to be made more flexible.

As a result of the negotiations with personel, the Company, on 1 January 2016 is ceasing to use the Corporate Collective Labour Agreement and is starting to use the new Remuneration Policy instead. An important part of the Policy is the bonus system designed for Company's employees, which is based on the assessment of a superior and is related to the achievement of strategic targets of the Company.

The adopted bonus system maintains proper relationships between the basic pay and the bonus, introduces an objective bonus distribution system based on the evaluation of an employee‘s performance and defines assessment criteria.

A target organisational diagram and proper staffing before 2019 were also designed for Elektrociepłownia BĘDZIN Sp. z o.o. 
We estimate that, as a result of the intended changes, the Company in 2019 will employ approx. 130 people. 
By comparison, at the moment when the employment optimisation process begun, the headcount in Elektrociepłownia BĘDZIN Sp. z o.o. was equal to 160. The programme designed to train and develop skills in employees is participated by more than 50 employees of the Company, including 35 employees from the Manufacturing Department, which accounts for 43% of all employees from this Department.

It is planned that due to the increase in work efficiency, the Company between 2015 to 2019 will gain additional financial resources, which, according to the arrangements with personel, will be used to implement modern manufacturing process automatic control systems in Elektrociepłownia BĘDZIN Sp. z o.o.

Actions taken by Elektrociepłownia BĘDZIN Sp. z o.o. as well as efforts and involvement of employees of the Company will allow the increase of the intellectual capacity and knowledge of employees, which is an undeniable added value in the dynamically evolving market sectors in which the Company operates.


The Managing Board of

Elektrociepłownia BĘDZIN Sp. z o.o.