19 December 2015

First stage of purchase optimization concluded

BEDZIN Sp. z o.o. CHP Plant concluded in November of 2015 the first stage of the purchase optimization program.

The optimization process was performed concerning services including production equipment maintenance and other services not related to the repair activities of the Company (i.e. property security services, cleaning services, coal transportation services). As a result of the saving process in 2015 the Company’s savings grew by approximately PLN 3 million compared with years 2013-2014. Due to the two-year-long service contracting period, it is expected that the savings of the Company will have reached a similar level in 2016.

The purchase optimization process was concluded by the introduction of a new purchase realization procedure along with the surveillance of actual savings and a mechanism of efficiency assessment concerning procedures introduced by the Contracting Department.

Due to the investment program introduced at BĘDZIN Sp. z o.o. CHP Plant (with expenditures exceeding PLN 160 million) whose aim is to adjust the Company’s activities to new regulations on environmental protection, along with the willingness to optimize the costs, the 1st stage of Boiler No.9 liquidation with the capacity of 139.2 MW was concluded, while the liquidation of Boiler No.8 of similar capacity was begun – with proper provision for this purpose. The liquidation of the above-mentioned boilers should be completed in the coming years.