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Sale of demineralized water

We offer quick response and guick tank filling services, which are generally limited only by the capacity of tank trucks or other tanks. The company has a large demineralised water production potential, so feel free to contact us for long-term cooperation options.   


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EC BĘDZIN Wytwarzanie sp. z o. o.

Welcome to the website of EC BĘDZIN Wytwarzanie sp. z o. o. - a leading heat and electricity producer in the Dąbrowa Basin. Our website presents the most important information about our Company, including manufacturing and financial results, environmental protecion activities, and market offer. Feel free to use this information and to cooperate with us.

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EC BĘDZIN Wytwarzanie sp. z o.o.
42-500 Będzin, ul. Małobądzka 141
tel (0-32) 267 97 00, 266 40 71 do 5,
fax (0-32) 267 97 05,

Sąd Rejonowy Katowice-Wschód
w Katowicach,
Wydział VIII Gospodarczy KRS
nr rejestru KRS: 0000504084

Kapitał zakładowy: 76.870.000 zł
NIP: 625 245 07 05
REGON: 243526024