In 2018, Elektrociepłownia BĘDZIN Sp. z o.o. – with the help of the latest technology and the best materials – completed the modernisation of the Water Treatment Station to become one of the most modern demineralised water producers in the region. We offer quick response and quick tank filling services, which are generally limited only by the capacity of tank trucks or other tanks.

The company has a large demineralised water production potential, so feel free to contact us for long-term cooperation options.

For periodic deliveries, transport and 1 m3 IBC tanks can be arranged. In terms of sales and replacements, the transport cost is calculated individually. 


Demineralised water for sale is available at PLN 130/m3 and is filled into IBC tanks. Download (PDF) current water test reports from the last month
If you are interested in long-term cooperation and purchasing large quantities of demineralised water, prices and terms of payment can be negotiated. 


The demineralisation system uses the countercurrent technology with classic water flow through ion exchangers from top to bottom during operation and with countercurrent regeneration. Water demineralisation through the new demi line is based on the following processes: decationisation, deanionisation, and demineralisation. Suspension and subgrain are removed automatically during each regeneration cycle as a result of the ion exchanger self-cleaning process that takes place during bed compaction and loosening. In cation and anion exchangers, the so-called monosphere ion exchangers are used, which – compared to standard ion exchangers – are characterised by better grain size uniformity, longer service life, lower losses, and better process kinetics.


The treatment process ensures the following water parameters:  


approx. 7


< 0.2 µS/cm


not detectable

"p" alkalinity

0.0 mval/dm3

"m" alkalinity


SiO2 silicon dioxide

≤ 0.02 mg/dm3

electrical conductivity

≤ 0.6 µS/cm or 0.3 mg NaCl/dm3


The high quality of our demineralised water is regularly confirmed by the advanced in-house laboratory of Elektrociepłownia BĘDZIN Sp. z o.o., with test reports being available for each month. 



Monday–Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

email: woda@ecb.com.pl
tel.: (32) 267 96 66
tel. 664 118 293