Cookies - what is it?

Cookies are small text files sent from a server and stored on a device on which websites are browsed. They allow to store information sent between a web page and a browser. Thanks to them it is possible to remember form data and settings of pages, use counters of visits, use opinion surveys, remember selected language or shop in online stores. Properly configured cookies are safe and allow reading of information only by a server that created them.

Why do we use cookies?

Thanks to cookies you can customize pages to your needs. Cookies make it possible to distinguish people visiting a page and display content for specific users. Thanks to it a fully personalized content reaches a user. Storing information in cookies is in no way related to collection of personal data or saving of other confidential information.

What cookies can be on our web page?

On our web page three types of cookies can be used.

Session cookies (temporary cookies) are files generated while browsing the site, stored until the end of the browser session. Without them some applications or features may not work properly.

Permanent cookies are stored on the device when you visit the page, so the next time you visit, you can be recognized and your preferences stored.

Cookies of external entities allow optimization of marketing communications, traffic count of users on the site and personalization of content (for instance advertising) from external sources.

How to modify settings of cookies?

A mechanism of storing and sending of cookies depends on configuration of a browser installed on an Internet browsing device. Automatic handling of cookies can be locked in any browser settings, but this may result in restrictions on use of a website.